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Times Square Casino – Goodies for the Gambling Soul Is Already In This Casino

Usually, people say that young boys and girls are very inexperienced and still don’t know much, but old people are always wise, measured, always make informed decisions and don’t do stupid things. We can partly agree with this because young people faced with very few difficult situations very rare and are poorly versed in people because of their age. But there are many people who have become quite old at an early age and experience various situations that make them become adults.

Youth and inexperience in the real world often bring problems, because, few people want to hire people who have just graduated from university, because of a lack of experience. But then another question arises, where do they need to get this same experience? After all, not all students who have just completed their studies are as bad as employers think, and it is not for nothing that they studied several years of the profession. These people should just give a chance.

The same is with casinos, more precisely with online casinos. There are quite a few game portals that were created relatively recently but have already excelled in the gaming field. This means that people trust these casinos, and the most important thing that such casinos should have is the availability, reliability, and quality of software.

One fairly young casino called Time Square Casino has all these qualities. Even though the gaming service was created only in 2017, it has already become quite popular among many famous casinos.

A whole team of specialists worked more than one day to create such a vibrant casino. The best developers and designers have accumulated experience, analyzed a large number of casinos to find a middle ground and create their own mega unique gaming portal. For the casino to be popular, and so users want to come back here, again and again, you need to have some chips, while TimeSquareCasino has a lot of them. Starting from the fact that the casino is a beginner in this field, which means that it has a lot of new products, fresh software and also very good support.

Casino’s Usability and Visual

What is Times Square? This is not only the main square of New York but also a tourist attraction that engages with its brightness and popularity. This is a place which a lot of people want to visit. Every day this place attracts millions of tourists. There are located not only the most famous shopping centers, boutiques, and publishers, it is also the heart of New York.

The eponymous name was given to the recently opened casino. Just because such names are not given without a reason, they must be earned, and Time Square Casino has everything to be called bright and creative.

Visually, the casino is decorated in pleasant shades, the colors are chosen very well, blue and gray harmonize and do not too flashy. What you can immediately notice is the lack of advertisements and bright banners, here the casino took care of its users and did not repeat after most casinos.

Surfing the site is easy and simple, the structure of the site is uncomplicated, so absolutely any player can figure it out. On the very first page, there are three marked categories, this is a live casino, video slots, and promo, all that a user need is located in a prominent place.

A big plus of the game portal is the Search button for games. This thing reduces the search time, because if the game you are looking for is at the very end, you will lose a lot of time searching for it, but you could spend that time playing. This is a bad feature of most casinos because it is inconvenient if the gaming portal does not have a search bar. Casinos simply do not save the user time. Here, everything is much simpler and easier, despite the small age of this service.

It is worth mentioning the usability of games because it is a rather important part of the casino. To play any game on the site, you first need to register, if you are still not a user of such a popular casino, select the appropriate category or genre of games, point to the logo of the game and choose one of the two proposed options.

This platform allows you to play games for free, all because the casino primarily cares about customers at the highest level. Therefore, all new players have the opportunity to try various games absolutely for free by clicking on the game’s logo and selecting the Try It option. The game portal provides a wide selection of games and slots for every taste and color. In the future, we will dwell on the game software Time Square Casino and describe it better.

The screensaver is beautifully drawn and is no different from real Times Square. There are still the same skyscrapers and huge cirrus clouds over the city.

Attracting a user to the site is not so simple, but succeeds. The successive slides do not catch the eye, but only emphasize the atmosphere of the casino. Various characters advertise that live casino, which is so popular among gamblers, then paint a welcome bonus in all colors. The user has no options left and becomes another player in the new casino.

What about registration option?

On the one hand, it’s a very simple process, but on the other, you need to be very careful not to make any mistakes when getting to know the casino, because it will be very offensive if some other user gets bonuses and chips, right? We are talking about the fact that it is very important when you register your account to enter your own and correct email address because in the future you will receive messages from the casino with bonuses, promotions and all kinds of goodies to your email.

Registration here is one of the easiest procedures. In the upper right corner, we find the Sign-Up button, which is located next to Login, then we see that a window appears where we need to enter information. Feel free to come up with a nickname, if you still have not decided how you will be called in the casino. Nick should be unique, so here you have to think a little, but it’s also good, a kind of brain workout before the game. Again, as mentioned above, your real email address is needed. Do not worry about the security of your data, everything is under reliable protection and encryption, so the data will not be transferred to third parties.

It will be an easy step to come up with a password because the more reliable it is, the better. Although you certainly have nothing to worry about, because you are in the most reliable casino in New Zealand.

Meanwhile, players who are under 18 years old will not be allowed to play, because it is prohibited by the rules of the casino. To familiarize yourself with the rules in more details and what to expect, what cannot be done and other relevant regulations you need to go to the official website of the game portal.

Registration itself will not take you more than 5 minutes, so you do not even have time to make tea. The best solution is to register first, and then make yourself hot tea and go on a journey through the game world.

After registration on the main page, you will see a window where it will be written that you do not have money in the account, but this is fixable, right? You just need to look into your wallet for the availability of money or in the electronic one and feel free to start playing in the casino.

It is very pleasant that the casino tells where to find the section with deposits because the newcomer does not always know where everything is located and therefore sometimes has to contact the support group of the gaming portal.

Do You Have Some Problems? Customer Support Will Solve It for You

Good support worth its weight in gold. Quite a few gaming portals can afford to hire user support professionals on an ongoing basis with a 24-hour mode of operation. Such services are quite expensive, but if the casino wants positive feedback from its visitors, as well as being in the top of casinos from around the world, you need to try to create an atmosphere of comfort and safety, as well as accessibility.

Casino Time Square brought together all the best experts in their field in one place, equipped with modern and relevant equipment and opened a support service department.

Now each user has free access to all possible information because now creators provide it with the coolest support managers.

Schedule 24 to 7, multilingualism and this is not all the advantages of this department. The friendly user support operators who work without days off and holidays, as well as without weekends, will help to answer any user questions that arise, as well as help to cope with any situation. Any day, any number and any time of the year you will have no problems getting support and timely solving your problem.

Beginners can familiarize themselves with the FAQ section, here are all relevant and frequently asked questions that may worry about new users and just ordinary players. Therefore, before writing in support, we highly recommend that you read this paragraph. It may be that the answer to your question has already been written there.

You can communicate with the support service in a live chat, which is easy to find on the casino page or you can write an email.

The support operators are very friendly and will never refuse to help you.

To start a chat with the operator, you need to choose the reason for which you contacted, in the window, there will be several topics to choose from.

And before we had time to register, manager of support immediately wrote to us from and offered to activate the amazing deposit bonus. It was very nice and it cheered up. It is worth saying that on different sites such messages can be annoying, since this is essentially intrusive communication, but this was not. A very affable man talked to us in a friendly manner and said that at any time we can contact him to activate our bonus.

At the end of each conversation with the support operator, each user will see a window where they will need to evaluate the quality of service. This is done to improve the game portal and make it only better. It takes no more than a minute.

To play or not to play?

Our answer will be “of course play,” and also that the game is worth the candle because the casino has an excellent selection of games and slots. This is not to say that Casino Time Square is one of the lists of casinos, that is, ordinary, because this is far from the case.

Some casinos have several features, ranging from the choice of games to a large number of porters. TimeSquareCasino same casino is one continuous feature. The site has incorporated all the best qualities and now shines among other casinos as the brightest star in the sky.

For the user to know what he is dealing with, we walked around the casino and collected a lot of information not only about games but about providers and the most interesting news.

The suppliers of the newest and best games and slots to the casino website are well-known companies BetSoft, Mr. Slotty, PlaynGo, Fugaso, and several others, you can find them on the website.

All games are sorted and structured by thematic departments, so it’s easy to find the right slot.

With such cool suppliers, the casino boasts a set of games that has no gaming portal.

At the very beginning, you can choose a category, a choice is given a lot of different genres of games. For example, in new games you can find the latest news of the gaming industry, Sinister Circus is one of the interesting games that have a name like that of a famous film, and if you play you can find out if it looks like the film itself! A Pirate’s Quest will give you the feeling that you are a pirate and are on a ship with similar characters and will immerse you in the life of pirates, as well as interested in finding treasures and big wins.

Live Casino is a Real Deal

A live casino with real dealers and live opponents is not new, but this genre of game can please any type of player.

The meaning of a live casino is that dealers located in special closed halls work with each user. They exist specifically for such remote games. Their actions are transmitted to the monitor screen by numerous cameras, and special sensors located in the roulette wheel and gaming tables allow you to receive information about the drop-down numbers, dealt cards, etc. The casino software, receiving data from these sensors, determines the size of the win, taking into account the rules of the game and the current gaming situation.

If we compare online casinos with land-based gaming houses, then a live casino with real dealers allows hundreds and even thousands of players to play simultaneously. Moreover, no one experiences even the slightest inconvenience, which is a very important factor. Any user can make a bet with the mouse button, now there is no need to squeeze between crowds of players around the table.

At Time Square Casino there are real dealers, attractive girls in the uniform of a croupier.

The live casino at the highest level has the ability to communicate with the dealer and other gamers who in love with excitement. Each player has the opportunity to give their comments, express their opinion in live chat. In a word, if an online casino is not only an opportunity to win money for you but also enjoy a pleasant company, a live casino is what you need.

Table entertainment

Despite the fact that the 21st century and also the century of information technology and almost all offline casinos have gone online, to our surprise, most people who like excitement and risky transactions still love card games. Unlike video slots, board games are quite ancient entertainment of all mankind, which has not lost its popularity for many centuries.

Each user can choose from three main types of card games: blackjack, poker, and baccarat.

It would be very appropriate to mention how all the people found out about such an interesting game as poker. After all, when you play the game it would be nice to know its origins.

The very first mention of poker, or rather something similar to poker dates back to the 10th century. Again, China, one Chinese emperor was very fond of laying out paper dominoes, then he amused himself in his free time. History also says that in the 12th century the ancient Egyptians scattered maps. The next mention of poker dates back to the 15th century in Persia. It is important to say that it was precisely these people who invented the joker. A game similar to poker was played there with the help of ivory records or precious woods. Ordinary people played the game with simple paper pictures. Since the Persians collaborated with Europe, in addition to silk and carpets, they introduced a card game. What was to be expected, the people liked the game. The difference was only in the name, but the rules of the game remained unchanged.

At the moment, in this casino, you can get acquainted with various versions of this game and become even closer to their ancestors and win big money.

Casino Is Have Something To Give In Bonus Section

The very first page tells us that the casino has a rather generous welcome bonus. But it’s important that the casino’s not limited to welcome bonus only. There are nice bonuses for both beginners and regular players.

To get all the information about all the goodies of this casino you need to go to the promotions section. There, the user will see absolutely all possible bonuses, promotions, no deposit bonus, and advantageous offers.

1400 euros as a gift to each new player. Did not wait? We too. But it is very difficult to refuse such a generous gift. Therefore, we tell you how to get so many bonuses for a great time at the casino.

The first and most important check out will be to check if you are registered or not. If so, then you can safely move on. After you put money on your first deposit, you will receive a bonus of 100% but also a maximum bonus of 500 euros and not a 10 free spins but 50 free spins. So generosity!

When you put money into your second deposit, you will receive a 50% bonus and 400 euros for playing at casino.

A third, but not the last deposit will bring you 150% of the deposit amount and a maximum bonus of 500 euros and 50 free spins as in the first deposit.

Register and receive bonuses – we can’t think of a better way.

High Rollers? All users who have been playing casinos for a long time and are very satisfied with both the service and the offered software will also be awarded. It is only worth putting money on a deposit in the amount of 500 euros, and you will immediately receive 25% cashback.

As you already understood, Casino Time Square is very fond of cashback, so no user will go unnoticed. Therefore, every week all users will have the opportunity to receive a 10% cashback on all deposits that will be made during the week.

The minimum cashback that a casino can give is 5 euros.

On this, all the buns do not end there, and the casino gives a 50% bonus. What does it mean? Well, look, for example, you deposit 20 euros on a deposit, but you will play with 30 euros, or you have 200 euros on your account, then you will play poker or any other game with 300 euros on your account.

Free spins are also a very important part of the casino. This is where the bonus code comes in handy to get free spins. To see 20 free spins on your account, you need to enter a bonus code. Do not miss your free spins and always remember the bonus code Party.


The availability of the casino is striking in its temptation because, in contrast to other well-known casinos that often block different countries, everything is different here. Australia, Canada, England are those countries which are allowed here to play various games.

Despite the youth of the casino, it has already acquired its users and is not going to slow down. That’s because the casino has a number of qualities that attract all players to the site. To date, not a single aspect causes a negative.

Good bonuses, free spins, no deposit bonus all this adds to the casino prestige.

When transferring or withdrawing funds or replenishing an account in a casino and depositing money, all player data is protected by encryption, a certificate can be found on the main page. The random number generator is certified by GLI.

Written by gamer: Luca Harris